Job offer

We are family company

We know that efficient, above-standard employee care brings not only financial savings to the
company, but also the satisfaction of employees, loyal and efficient professionals who can identify themselves with their work.

We honored the rule that our employees have not only working but also personal lives.

Who we look for?

  1. Honest and honorable people who enjoy their work
  2. People who put hearts in their work
  3. People with positive thinking who are always trying to find a way to go
  4. People manually skilled
  5. People capable and willing to work independently
  6. People responsible for the sense of detail and quality

What we can help with us?

  1. For honest work, you get fair and adequate financial evaluation
  2. We will provide you with a quality and friendly working environment in the background of a reliable company with a tradition
  3. We are a friendly team and the same we expect from you
  4. Company benefits: bonuses for successfully completed projects, reward for non-birth, possibility to use company funds for own use, lunch allowance, extra holidays