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We offer effective design


upgrading the utility value of a given space, supporting your image or company image, investing (property appreciation), enjoying life


if you need a low-budget option, we can find a solution

“You have to go to the competition with originality”

Sonya Hlaváčková says her work is ahead of world brands. That is, at least the level that can be bought at Prague’s Pařížská Street. Luxury boutiques in the Czech Republic offer nice and quality fashion, but the offer of goods of the same brand abroad is still bigger and often even better. When you choose dresses for 80,000 crowns in Paris, you have nice and dressed clothes. But the price includes mainly the brand. Such a garment is made of one thousand in each size or color. “I will make the dress for 80,000 crowns of the same quality and the customer is more certain that this is the original. That’s why clients like to come back to me. This is haute couture “, she describes the situation of Soňa Hlaváčková, today is one of the best Czech designers. (source: podnikatel.cz, interview of 9.8.2013)

This view very well reflects the issue of interior fitting

Housing is NOT a game

At home, we spend about half our lives. Without realizing it, our own living space has a very strong formative influence on us. If you are going to deal with an existing or new flat, then who will you consult with? With the furniture dealer? Or with an expert? Using the services of an architect is neither luxury nor useless manners and viewed purely economically, it is an investment that will enhance the quality of your living and evaluate your house, apartment or workplace. In order for the interior to be of high quality, it is necessary to respect the layout and ergonomic principles, the color typology, the requirements of the client, his character traits, which is often forgotten. We’ll help with that.

Quality = profitable investment

Invest in housing with discretion and devote time and resources to quality solution design and save with good input and context.

“When two do the same, it’s not the same”

If you find that a “tailor-made” product is more expensive than others, try asking yourself the following questions: Is the price including assembly and import? Is it made of quality materials? Is its size exactly for my need? Is there a desired color combination? How long will it be about its lifetime? Will anyone be willing to deal with a malfunction? You are sure to use high quality certified materials, especially European manufacturers. We do not use Asian products and copies. The references of our satisfied customers are the best proof of our honest work.

Every customer’s response is valuable to us and we sincerely appreciate it.
The quality we are building today is the foundation for success in the future!
Extended furniture guarantee for 5 years

One partner - your advantage

As a partner, we provide you with services from project design, author’s supervision, consulting during implementation to production, delivery and moving.


  • saving you time and money
  • coordination of implementation is on us
  • unified style of interior
  • communication with one partner
  • warranty on the overall work

Personal approach

The construction project has a number of pitfalls that occur only in the implementation phase. Consult the project to avoid unnecessary investment and additional costs. In practice, we are experiencing an ever-recurring situation – the construction continues and needs to be decided. In this situation, it is good for you to have someone on your side. For the right decisions, it’s good to know what to do.

We do not decide for you – we help you make the right decisions.

Unlike global competitors, we can offer you an individual approach and full time service.

We will not be able to project projects from side to side. Before we take the pencil in hand, we will be interested in your family or business, its vision, mission and culture during regular consultations. Only then can the first sketches and design studies be made for your new residential or corporate interiors.

We will not let you in it

Have you ever experienced a situation where you got furniture from retail chains? You had to go for it yourself if it got into the car, then it was necessary to bring it (even to the floor), and then unpack and start composing. If you were lucky enough to have readable instructions and complete fittings, you may have succeeded. For smaller things, one is self-sufficient and assistance is needed in a larger way. We also need tools, etc. We will do all for you.

This allows you to devote your time to things that are really important to you.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service

We will advise you

Handmade and modern technology

Combining honest craft with modern machines that make it possible to do it efficiently and accurately. We work with the traditional natural massif of our forests – such as oak, beech, ash, etc., and we are also able to offer exotic woods such as rosewood, ebony, mahogany, teak, padouk etc.

We also have experience with the processing of composite materials such as decorative laminates, stone veneers, glass, metals, stones, artificial stones etc.