360° Method

360° solution

The 360 method is our way of attendance, which makes it easy for us to look after you.
The goal of this method is to provide a client with complete services in creating effective interiors, at home and at work too.
As partner, we will provide you with services ranging from project to move.

1. Projects

  • Designing an architectural project and solving the details
  • Designing your project by us with effective and impressive solution
  • Consultancy and control of project implementation

2. Preparation of the building

  • Building adjustation and interiors reconstruction
  • Preparation of walls for decorative finishing (wallcoverings, stucco…)

3. Windows and doors

  • Typical and individual in a wide range of materials
  • Fireproof and safety
  • All-glass doors and partitions
  • Shadow technics

4. Floors

  • Luxurious flooring of breathtaking design with digital printing and lasting features
  • Floors precise made of natural materials
  • Floors with special air cleaning technology

5. Furniture and joinery

  • Complete offer of quality furniture for private and public spaces
  • Own production on modern and accurate technology
  • Processing of all furniture materials with infinite possibilities of surfaces
  • Installation by our own staff team

6. Lighting

  • Consultancy and design in terms of proffesional lighting
  • Wide range of interior and integrated luminaires

7. Decorations and accessories

  • Wallcoverings and decorative printing
  • Vertical gardens
  • Presentation and information systems
  • Hotel and office equipment

8. Cleaning and moving

  • Final cleaning
  • Support for moving to a new interior